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Burak Tekin and Team 'Zoom In' win award

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

My PhD researcher Burak Tekin and Team 'Zoom In' win the best audience film award at the Exposure Science Film Hackathon 2019

Exposure Science Film Hackathon is an SNF supported project that brings together science and art. During three days, various teams of unacquainted scientists and artists collaborate to produce films with an aim of communicating science to non-scientist audience. In a vibrant atmosphere, scientists think about creative ways to communicate the concepts and ideas they are studying on, and artists work on providing unique insights into scientific processes. All the movies produced during this hackathon are screened in cinema to public, who then votes for their favourite ones.

Burak Tekin, a PhD student in our Department (from the Herman Paul School for Linguistics), participated in ESFH 2019 in Basel. His team, Zoom In, produced a movie, “The Science of Love”, which won the best audience film award:

“What is love?” has been produced by Team  Zoom In Jenna Wünsche, Burak Tekin, Fabienne Estermann, Anna Katrine Thuesen. The film zooms in on this “hit”ting  question, in an attempt to grasp this fuzzy thing called love and to show how it is possible to explain scientifically  why some relationships succeed, others stumble, and some dissolve.

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